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On September 6, 2015 at approx. 10 PM our family received a call from Morgans boyfriends mother Roxana saying that there had been an accident and everyone was at Tallahassee Memorial. No further details. You can only imagine the thoughts going through our heads. Lisa and I jumped into the car and started the 7 1/2 hour 425 mile ride toward Tallahassee. Hayley (Morgans big sister) started calling Tallahassee Hospitals and the Tallahassee Police and she couldn’t get any answers. We kept in constant contact with Hayley during the entire trip hoping to hear something from someone else about what happened but we heard NOTHING.

When we arrived in Tallahassee all of Morgans friends were in the waiting room of Tallahassee Memorial but neither the Police or the Hospital staff called to give us any news. Morgans emergency contact paperwork at FSU had all our contact information but still no calls from anybody. Fast forward 8 horrible and grueling hours driving up Florida Turnpike/I-75/I-10 in the pitch darkness, we arrived at Tallahassee Memorial Hospital. We walked into Morgans friends in the waiting room crying and hugging.

We were immediately whisked into a hospital holding room. Still having heard nothing about what had even happened. After another agonizing 10 minute wait and in walked two Tallahassee police officers with the news “Mr. and Mrs. Carr Morgan didn’t make it”. Then the questions continued in this nightmare that no one should ever have to live. Not only was our “Sweet Morgan” gone, but also her boyfriend Cenzo Libio and their friend Kevin Boos. Why weren’t we contacted by anybody?

Why weren’t we told what had happened? TPD/CDA/Tallahassee Memorial/FSU not a single call to her emergency contact numbers! Another question – why only one call was made to a wrong number. No follow-up to get the correct number? At the time of this writing we are still waiting to get answers to some very troubling errors with the way the 911 call was dispatched and the overall emergency response that night. In addition, the drunk driver in the Challenger was in a “Hit and Run” the night before and he was interviewed by TPD around 10 AM 9/6/2015 about that accident and the Incident report states that he smelled of alcohol. A convicted Felon on Parole smelling of alcohol and he was let go?

They called their insurance company GIECO and they were told to go get a rental. Did GIECO inquire about the Hit andRun? Then they encouraged them to rent another car? He and his wife rushed out to rent a car because he had totaled the family car. They rented a 2015 Dodge Challenger from Enterprise and only god knows where he went between renting the car and 9:14 PM Some life threatening decisions were made that day/night by both drivers and the result of those decisions ended the lives of 3 amazing young adults.